How To Maintain Fire Safety In The Workplace

Posted by Hansen on February 15, 2016
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Fire Safety

Following guidance from the Fire Risk Assessment Network, Maintaining fire safety in the workplace is critical to any business. Not only does the right security prevent loss of life and property, it is often a legal imperative in order to even be open for business. ¬†That’s on top of what should be an obvious moral imperative. Making sure that your business’ physical location has appropriate fire safety in place can be accomplished with specific, concrete steps. Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn what some of them are so you can keep your business, employees and customers safe. Always ensure you have a Kent fire risk assessment in place for your business to reduce the risk of fire.

1) Have regular fire drills. Your staff and employees should know exactly under what circumstances to evacuate a building, so fire drills should involve the fire alarms going off so they know what the relevant sights and sounds are. Everyone on duty should not only know where the fire exits are, but also how to calmly and quickly guide both coworkers and customers or guests out of the building to safety outdoors.

2) Have fire extinguishers and sprinklers tested regularly. While some businesses just go out and buy the cheapest extinguishers they can find, they do lose compression over time. It’s better to have service contracts where a technician comes out regularly and certifies that any suppression systems or supplies on hand are in full and working order. In many communities, this is not just advised but legally required.

3) Get the initial fire inspection when you open. Any business open to the public, and even some that are just for private use, are required to have a fire inspection prior to being legally used. This typically involves a thorough checklist as well as receiving a determination of how many people can safely occupy a facility. Make sure that certificate is posted visibly, as often mandated, and never let your total headcount go over that number. Also honor any recommendations and especially required upgrades suggested by the inspectors.

4) Have your own fire and safety inspections at regular intervals too. Some municipalities are willing to come in and do such inspections when asked too, but it’s also a good idea to have professionals come in and analyze your situation. Even if your initial construction and inspection went well, things can change over time. Make sure that your building is still up to code and using the latest advances in fire prevention and technology.

5) Check in with your building insurer regularly. You not only need to make sure that your setup meets their minimums for coverage, but they might have suggestions you can take advantage of. In fact, keeping up with their recommendations might even minimize the premiums they charge. Take advantage of every discount you can.

6) Make sure that employees are trained in fire safety. This is critical when they are hired, but also needs to be reinforced regularly with further updates and testing. Not only do you want your employees to maintain good habits of general fire safety, they need to be mindful of fire hazards that come specific to your business’ niche or industry. Specific chemicals and equipment, even some vehicles and industrial processes, are all potential fire risks. Make sure that employees know how to do their work safely.

Now that you have read these tips on how to maintain fire safety in the workplace, you can see to it that your business stays open and operational without any jeopardy to those inside. Review your business’ fire technologies and protocols regularly to make sure they are thorough and up to date. Your own knowledge and confidence should be an example all your employees can model.

About Biomass Boilers and Where to Buy Them

Posted by Hansen on December 15, 2015
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Biomass Pellet Stove

Biomass boilers are units that provide heat using burned biomass materials. These materials include wood pellets or logs. They emit about the same carbon dioxide as they absorbed when they were growing. Biomass is thought to be a renewable energy source that is carbon neutral.

However, this does not mean that they do not emit pollutants in the air. The burnt biomass does provide more efficient heat using more efficient fuel sources. Compared to burning oil or natural gas, for instance, it makes much greater sense to use biomass.

Some people disagree about burning this type of fuel. This type of fuel makes use of agricultural waste and renderings from forests, which is useful. However, when special crops are grown for the purpose of creating biomass fuel, it takes the place of agricultural land.

Swedish authorities tested the brown fog that biomass burning began leaving over South Asia. It turned out to be more pervasive than what burns off when traditional fuel sources are used.

Still, Biomass boilers burn naturally derived, renewable fuels very well. They can be used for heat or they can be used for heating water or both. In rural areas or those that are far from main gas areas, these are the most convenient and affordable sources of heating.

In the United Kingdom, more and more people are looking into biomass boilers. They cost so much less to operate than heaters using electricity, oil or other types of fuel. For domestic use, there are several different types of heaters available.

Choose from boilers that provide heat, heat and hot water, or that provide hot water without a need for a tank. Prices vary from one maker to another, and most manufacturers offer information about the biomass boilers online but do not disclose prices.

Before you buy a biomass boiler there are a few things to consider. You need to know where you will install it. Make sure there is enough space to accommodate a boiler. Also, be sure the unit can be installed on a solid base that is incapable of combusting.

You might need to have a special flue installed if you do not have one already. A contractor will need to be hired to do the work for you, so this is an added expense in addition to the cost of the boiler itself. Before building the flue, you may also need to get a special building permit.

Make sure you have a good, dry outdoor space where wood pellets can be stored. Also, be aware that someone will need to carry the bags of these pellets to the unit when it needs to be refilled. Be sure you can store it somewhere close to the unit.

Finally, you have to live in a Clean Air Zone in order to legally burn wood pellets. If, after careful consideration, a biomass boiler is right for you, visit a manufacturer of quality boilers for more information and to price one.

Challenges When Making Electrical Repairs

Posted by Hansen on July 02, 2015
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Electricity Power Lines

When making electrical repairs, people often have to overcome quite a few problems. However, each of these problems is going to present a different situation for people to overcome. This is when people should know about some of the challenges they will find when they are making these repairs. By knowing about these challenges, it is going to be easier for people to undertake the challenge and know it is going to help them in getting to enjoy the repair work which they are doing. Without this, people may be shocked when the challenges come up and they are not sure about how to overcome them.

Having to turn off power is the first challenge most people have to overcome. While people tend to have a good idea on where the electric is having issues at, it can be rather difficult for people to track down the issue because of the lack of electric that is present. However, by getting the lines turned off it allows people to operate safely and know they will not get shocked by the cords. Without this, people are going to have problems because they could easily be shocked with the power.

Shorts are another issue that people are going to have to cope with. While people do not think about this, they may find over time their can be shorts in the electric wires and this can even happen after people have made the repairs. By having knowledge about the shorts that are existing, people will find they can get them repaired. This in turn will make it easier for people to know their home is safer. However, if people are not careful when they do get the repairs made, they could end up having the issue of the creating shorts in their lines in a different area than what they expected.

Damage to the walls of the home is another challenge people will typically find when they are working on their electric. Generally the wiring in a home is going to be hidden behind the walls and be located in the wire chases. The problem is these chases, except in new homes, are generally hidden and out of sight. Since these are out of sight, people generally forget where the wire chases are and have to cut little holes to see where they are at. This in turn means more damage to the walls and can easily lead to the home being damaged even more.

Having to get specialized tools to work on the wires, if they are being left live. Generally when people are looking at their electric, they will find it is going to need to have tools that are grounded and has the proper handles on the tools to help keep them from being shocked. So people will notice getting the right tools is a challenge they have to overcome. Without the right tools, people can have problems in getting their electric work done to the level they want it to be completed at.

While most people know the electric in their home is safe to use, other people will find the electric can start to have issues. This is when people will need to know about the challenges that are presented to them when they have to get any type of electrical repairs completed in their home. Without any knowledge about these challenges, people may be shocked when the home is not as easy to fix as what they thought. With the information on the challenges people are going to face they can be properly prepared when they go to repair their electric.

Tips For A Safe And Healthy Workplace.

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Safety Signs

We spend most of our daily time in the work place. This make this place very important and as a matter of fact it determines how healthy we are. If for instance you are on a nine to five job, this means you spend up to forty hours a week in your office not to mention the days you work overtime. Because of this, it is important to ensure that your work place, is healthy and safe. A dusty work place will make you develop allergies, not having the right protective gear will expose you to hazards. This provides tips for a safety and health in the

What To Expect From Our Professional HVAC Services

Posted by Hansen on May 20, 2015
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As a home-owner, it’s always a good idea to have the number for a reliable HVAC service on-hand. HVAC, which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, systems are typically reliable machines, but they require some care and attention over the years. Small problems often turn into big problems when ignored. Not to mention, you save money just by having your HVAC system working at optimum efficiency. Accent Hansen is pleased to announce that we are know an approved supplier for Dust Extraction Online